Unveil Istanbul With A Tour Guide

Unveil Istanbul With An Official Tour Guide

Istanbul is a city with 2650 years of history. The Istanbul has been a home to different civilizations. Among them there were Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Turks. To get a grip of this brilliant history, a private tour guide can help you around.

A Brief History Of Istanbul

Istanbul had been a home to great civilizations in the past. Istanbul’s destiny has changed forever, when the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great entered into the old Istanbul, in other words Byzantium.

The Emperor Constantine was looking for a new center for the Great Roman Empire and he found his new home in a little fishermans village… He converted this little Greek Village (Byzantium) into an imperial city. He named it as Constantinople and rebuilt the city completely. Adorned it with a Hippodrome, Great Palace and Churches.

Gem Of Istanbul Hagia Sophia

Istanbul History

Roman Empire was divided into two by the Emperor Theodosios in 395 A.D. Istanbul then became the capital of Eastern Roman Empire or in other words, Byzantine Empire.

Byzantine Empire lasted for more than 1000 years. From 395 to 1453 so Constantinople served as the capital of this mysterious civilization of history.

Finally Ottomans entered to Istanbul. They brought Turkish culture and they are also affected by local culture. It became a mixture of customs and traditions. Turks learnt from Greeks and Greeks learnt from Turks. That’s why they never agree about if it’s Turkish coffee or Greek coffee, or Turkish Baklava or Greek Baklava…

Istanbul Private Tours

Hagia Sophia Private Tours

Tour Guiding Requires Expertise In Istanbul

Tour guiding is a Professional job in Turkey. Someone should study in university for the related branch and qualify in the hard lenguage exams. Tour guiding license will be acquired after these obligations.

Most of the guides are doing this as a full time job, which means they are very experienced in their job. Some of them do this job for over than 20 years and they retire from guiding too.

A knowledgeable and experienced tour guide can help you understand diverse culture of the city. Istanbul Guided Tours are well organized. A licensed tour guide can tell you about each and every layers of history without bothering you. Otherwise a lot of information could be overwhelming, therefore he makes sure that you are entertained with interesting legends as well.

Istanbul City In The Winter

Istanbul Private Tours

Booking A Private Tour Guide In Istanbul

You can either book your guide through a travel agency or from the internet. Booking guides through Trip Advisor or from their own websites very popular nowadays. It’s now very easy to find a guide on Google, by searching the needed keywords.

My suggestion to you, please check the background of the guide through internet by surfing through deeper layers. Well what does it mean?

A lot of guides have accounts on Trip Advisor and many of them have profiles filled up with 5 stars. The relationship between the customers and guide could have been good and they vote him 5 stars. However it does not mean that he is a great guide. It’s better to check if the guide has his own website, if he writes some articles, or if he is featured on some magazines, travel blogs or news.

There are some very succesful guides in Istanbul and why shouldn’t you get the best?

Istanbul Guided Tours By Serhat

Istanbul Guided Tours

Istanbul Guided Tours By Serhat

Mr. Serhat Engül is a private tour guide based in Istanbul city. He has been working as a tour guide for the last 12 years.

He writes articles to The Culture Trip, Daves Travel Corner, Istanbul Clues blogs. You can check his works from istanbulclues.com or serhatengul.com websites.

If you may want to attend one of his Istanbul Private Tours, you may contact to Serhat through serhateng@gmail.com e-mail adress. You can let him know about your priorities and time so a custom programme can be arranged for you.

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